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Welcome to the heart of Sula, the very place our wines begin their journey from grape to your glass. A visit to our vineyards and winery in Nashik is an enjoyable experience for people of all ages and carefully curated to give you an inside peek into the winemaking process while allowing you to make great memories along the way.



Storage Cellar

The Tasting Room

Tasting Cellar



Little Italy
Sula, Vineyards, Wines


Sign up at The store for an exclusive, all-access tour of our winery with a knowledgeable guide who will take you back to Sula’s early years as well as every step along the way in the making of your favourite wines. Tours take place every hour, and end with a personalized wine tasting at The Tasting Cellar where our team will take you through the five steps of tasting wines. Tours and Tastings are conducted Every Day, throughout the year. Except Dry Days. Tours & Tastings are held every hour from 11:30am to 6:30pm of the week.


Gift & Bottle Shop

Once you’re ready to head home, don’t forget to pick up your favourite wines from our Bottle Shop and a fun souvenir as well as
all that you need to enjoy your wines from our Merchandise Store.




All visitors to our vineyards will have to buy a redeemable coupon at the entry gate. This amount can be redeemed in any of our outlets in Sula Vineyards on the same day.