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In 1910, the twin phenomena of a total solar eclipse and the passage of Halley's comet inspired the creation of Eclipse. A rum surpassing depth and complexity, epitomises the art of Barbadian rum making. This noble blend of single and double distilled rums has enchanted generations of rum lovers the world over. The gold rum has distinctive floral and fruity notes of apricot and banana, with hints of vanilla and a subtle smokiness imparted by the kentucky oak barrels in which the rum is patiently aged. The white rum is an exquisite, light-bodied spirit of exceptional flavour and exceedingly smooth character. Clean and aromatic, it overs a balanced mellow harmony of sugar cane syrup and banana. Infused with notes of peppermint and citrus, its finish is soft and lingering. Enjoy Silver as the ideal partner for premium cocktails.