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WINE 101


At Sula, we want to you to not only enjoy our wines but also learn a little more every day about where your wines come from, what goes into a bottle (and on the outside!) and the journey from grape to glass. Our Wine 101 takes you through the basics of wine to get you started.


Reading A Wine Bottle

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While wines may be complex and a blend of multiple flavours and elements, wine bottles generally tend to follow a somewhat standard format. Here are some key terms to know that will put you on par with professional sommeliers and wine conoisseurs!


Cork or Screwcap


Slender Part Below Capsule

Wider, Cylindrical Part of Bottle

Corner or Base of Bottle

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Metal Wrapping Round Closure

Sloping Part Between Neck & Body

Where To Find Key Information

Indentation On Underside of Bottle


Reading A Wine Label

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Ever wondered how to make sense of the information on a wine label? Where is it from? What’s so special about the wine? Here’s a quick guide to what you can expect and look for when you buy your next bottle!


Brand Name

Grape Harvest Year

Vineyard Designation

Alcohol Content

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Wine Type

Wine Volume



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Sula, Vineyards, Wines

We know some of the wine names sound intimidating – trust us, they’re not! Here’s a handy guide on how to pronounce the names of your favourite wines and be a pro the next time you ask for them!

A to Z of Wine

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Download our handy guide to wine, wine terminology and explanations for all those wine words and wineisms. You won’t be disappointed!

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