Sula, Wines, Vineyards, Nashik

Kerry Damskey, Director & Master Winemaker

 Currently the Master Winemaker for Sula Vineyards, Kerry Damskey played an integral role in the founding of the company and supported Rajeev Samant's decision to first grow wine grapes in Nashik soil. Kerry has worked for wineries all over California and across the world to hone his wine knowledge, finally establishing himself as one of California's best winemakers. He consults with the Sula team several times during the year to jointly review winemaking practices and the latest wines from our vineyards. After his first visit to India, he was convinced that Nashik was a singularly unique location that would yield distinctive fruit, and create great wines. Kerry's familiarity with the Indian terrain coupled with his focus on constantly improving the quality of our wines have led to Sula being consistently known the world over for great wines.


Karan Vasani, Chief Winemaker & SVP Vineyard & Winery Operations

Sula, Vineyards, Nashik, Wines, India

Karan started his career as an Assistant Winemaker in Oct 2013. Arming himself with a Graduate Diploma in Viticulture and Oenology from Lincoln University, New Zealand, Karan travelled across the globe from one terrain to another to learn more about the wine world.

Karan is in charge of the Maharashtra operations at Sula Vineyards, looking after the wineries here. Leading the winemaking team at the vineyards, he supervises all the winemaking processes right from grape harvesting through bottling. While doing so, he spends a lot of time in the vineyards working closely with the viticulture team to ensure that the highest quality grapes are grown so as to ensure that Sula’s wines continue to be the highest quality. 

Immersing himself completely into the wine scene, Karan has completed three levels of the WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) program and is also a qualified WSET Educator. He also added another feather to his cap when he was awarded the prestigious ‘Champagne India Scholarship’ in 2014 by the Bureau du Champagne in India.


Gregoire Verdin

Gregoire is Sula’s Brand Ambassador and Head of Tastings & Trainings. Born and raised in Burgundy, France, he studied business law at the prestigious University of La Sorbonne, in Paris then worked in hospitality for many years, including at a VIP concierge company and world-renown restaurants such as Noma in Copenhagen. He has also spent significant time in vineyards throughout France, as a grape-picker and cellar hand, and these experiences have reinforced his deep knowledge and love of wine. Passionate about food and cooking he started his own spice trading company and has traveled the world searching for the finest quality spices, which naturally lead him to India and ultimately Rajeev Samant. He represents Sula at various national and international events and works closely with many teams, including marketing, sales, and winemaking. His personal mission is to make sure that everyone gets a chance to taste Sula's fine collection of domestic and imported wines.


We take our job of bringing you India’s finest wines extremely seriously. The whole process starts in our vineyards, long before the wine reaches your glass. Our winemaking and viticulture teams work seamlessly to ensure that all aspects of grape growing and harvesting are monitored under the best conditions, allowing the land to produce its best for generations to come. Above all they bring the love of the land with them - local knowledge honed over the years and a strong commitment to conserving our natural resources. Together, we ensure that only the best grapes go into every bottle of Sula.  

We're proud to be India's largest partners of wine grape farmers in India, with our commitment to fair livelihoods and sharing advancements in agricultural technology directly with our farmers to increase their production. Our farmers are a key part of the Sula family, and we take pride in supporting a number of small family-run farms in the region thereby contributing to sustained economic development and progress.